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IOS SDK for Xcode Upload Issues

Question asked by ontarget on Jan 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by ontarget

I am processing two apps for submission to the app store that were developed  Using the IOS SDK for FileMaker.

Only found one issue in the documentation for the STK guide and that was under the file path for submission through the terminal. The file path was found to be incorrect, and if it is used as it is shown on the screen it destroys the directory.

Reference: SDK Guide:

All resources for your app are stored in a project directory. Use iOS App SDK to create the project directory for your app.

  1. Open the Terminal app on your Mac.
  2. Use the cd command to change the directory to the location of the iOSAppSDK folder on your Mac. You created the iOSAppSDK folder in Step 2: Download and open iOS App SDK.Tip: Drag the folder to the Terminal window to enter the full path of the folder.
  3. Type the following command in the Terminal window:./makeprojdir <NewAppDir> <appName> <bundleIdentifier>The following example creates a new project directory called MyAppDir in the user's home directory for the "Hello World" app and the com.mycompany.helloworld bundle identifier:./makeprojdir ~/MyAppDir "Hello World" com.mycompany.helloworld
    • NewAppDir: The name and location of a new directory that will be the project directory for your app. The project directory can be anywhere in your file system; it doesn't need to be in the iOS App SDK directory.
    • appName: The name of your app. If the name contains spaces or special characters, enclose the name in quotation marks.
    • bundleIdentifier: A unique string that identifies a single app. You created the bundle identifier in Step 4: Create the App ID.
  4. The path was found to be out of order; it should be "App Name" "Directory" "Bundle Identifier"
  5. The second issue is when I try to deploy the app to the iTunes store 1. in Xcode you do the Analysis that is on the product Menu, then try to archive the project, and the analysis is OK but the Archive stays in gray. 2. It would normally turn black and allow me to continue with the upload. 3. So I then used the Application loader to try to upload the app, but when I open the IOS SDK folder there is no file highlighted or available to upload to iTunes?
  6. What is the process to do the upload since the Xcode approach did not work.
  7. NOTE: I created the full iTunes connect setup prior to doing the upload for both apps being developed.
  8. I was on the last step to upload and now I am unable to continue.
  9. Important I did contact Apple dev. two days ago and today they responded telling me this is a FileMaker issue? I called in today and was asked to send this information.