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    IOS SDK Launch icons size?


      I'm finishing the design on a new application with iOS SDK for FileMaker.


      I'm trying to set up the launch image in Xcode, and it asks for a universal icon 1X, 2X, 3X. My problem is I've tried several sizes, and each time it displays I get an out of focus image, then it drops the size down to shows a clear image of a smaller size. According to the directions for Xcode image for a launch image you can do an X3 size and Xcode's should display the a clear and correct size image. I've tried every way I can do large small in between single image in each of the three spots, the same size image in all three spots. And I still get this blurred image on the first few seconds and then it drops down and get smaller with a clear image. Has anybody else seen this occur? And what do you do to correct it?

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          Upload a 1024x1024 image file there and it will generate all the sizes you need.

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            I use the 1024 size image couple of different ways, tried to 1X then 2x then 3X got the same results. I get a large image which is fuzzy and a couple seconds later it scales down to a clear image that is smaller.

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              I was running the testing on my iPad air, trying to see what it looked like on a real device. Then I ran it on the iPad air simulator and it looks fine and doesn't jump up and down in size. I'm not sure what it will do once it's compiled?

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                1x, 2x, 3x, etc... are NOT 1024 images themselves. The link I provided generates the proper sized images for each required icon.


                This is important, because apple will reject your app if you do not have the proper image sizes.

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                  That whole thing about icons and the sizing 1 X, 2 X and so forth, if you drag any size icon to an open icon slot then view the issues list, it will tell you the size you're adding is not the correct size and will give you the correct size. This worked everywhere but on the launch image. I tried using a 1024 pixel size, but you need to do a little bit more. If your image is not centered properly it'll hang off the edges on the startup screen when it flashes by. You have to play with a little bit to size it properly so that when it pops up on the screen you have a background of 1024 but you put your image somewhere word can show properly. Takes a little bit of testing to get it just right. I tended to lift my actual icon image on a colored background toward the top of the background in the center. The seem to work very well.

                  One loops that you can do they can destroy project is if you went to click on an icon to remove it and wasn't highlighted it's time you clicked remove it. This removes the entire screen of icons for app icons and you start over again, but it's a different pattern of icons when you add a new set. The default from the SDK for FileMaker provides the exact icons you need to use. If you have to replace that pattern set, then you run into issues with not being able to get the desktop icon with 76 pixels to work when you build your project the next time. I still haven't figured out how to correct this issue, other than redo the entire project in Xcode and this time don't accidentally erase the  app icon set.