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Unselect using Applescript

Question asked by JayLouvion on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2016 by nicolai

Hi all,


I have got a good routine going using Applescript to create events in multiple calendars according to different quotes made in our database. We deal in photography, and appointments are of the essence.


All is working well, mostly thanks due to Shane Stanley's sensational Calendar Libraries (check the out if you need to script Calendar).


My only recurring problem is that sometimes, if a field is still selected, the automation errors out indicating it (the field or record) is being accessed by another instance.


SO HERE'S THE QUESTION - Can one unselect, or deselect, or "click on background" (which is what one effectively does manually to set the situation right again) using Applescript? I have tried the AS commands "save", "commit" (which has anyway disappeared since, I think) and even actively selecting a field which is not accessed by the script, but to no avail.


This is the last stepping stone of my developpment, I would be SUPER GRATEFUL if someone has even the faintest idea.