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Calling a script from Webviewer combined with Google API3

Question asked by dougnewnham on Jan 19, 2016
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I'm a relative newbie to the forums and Filemaker so hopefully not asking a dumb question.  I am calling the Google API using a web viewer and pushing in two co-ordinates to create pins that the user needs to interact with.  The pins are draggable and I have inserted a listener for the dragend event in the viewer.  The listener then calls a FM script using the new Lat/Long.  The script updates the record with the new co-ordinates.  This is working perfectly in FM Pro but when using FM Go on an iPad I can drag the pins but the script does not appear to fire.  I understand this method will not work at all on Webdirect but was under the impression it would work with FM Go. Help?coords update.PNG


The code that calls the script is as per below:


google.maps.event.addListener(marker2, 'dragend', function () {

      theParam = marker2.getPosition();

theURL = \"fmp://$/" & Get(FileName) & "?script=GetGuidance&param=\" + theParam;

window.location = theURL ;

return false;