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App Solution: Exporting Records as Excel (iPhone FilePath)

Question asked by SLucia13 on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2016 by mikebeargie

Hello all,


I am struggling to find a solution to export my records as an Excel file on an iPhone/iTouch using a single userform button click.


My end goal is for the following to occur when the button is pressed:

(1) save all found records as an Excel file

(2) open an email addressed to a variable email address and a pre-defined message/subject

(3) attach the Excel file to said email


I have attempted using the following scripts: "export records" "save records as excel" and "send mail"


The closest I have been to achieving my goal is opening the email with the correct message, email, and subject on the button click, however the excel file is never attached. I can get the file to attach when testing the app on my desktop since I have the correct filepath and the email can then easily locate the file.  My issue with the iOS devices is that I have no idea what the syntax for the filepath should be...


Any advice would be very much appreciated - thank you, thank you!