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    PHP API addFindCriterion wont find records


      Hello Guys

      This has probably been asked before I have attempted a search I cant spot the same issue fixed anywhere

      Preface: I'm pretty new to FM and its PHP API,

      However I am having quite a confusing issue every time I try to filter records using addFindCriterion the result set is always empty even when I am sure the record exists. I'm pretty sure I'm the one using it wrong but would anyone care to look at my code snippet and help .



      When I use the findAnyCommand or the findAllCommand I do get results could anyone see what I am doing wrong and point a noob down the correct chute.



      ****** Code Snippet*************

        $username = "janedoe@gmail.com";

        $findcommand = $fm->newFindCommand('Contact Details');

        $findcommand->addFindCriterion("user name", $username);

        $result = $findcommand->execute();

        echo "<pre>";






        echo "<p> Read Error: ". $result->getMessage() . "</p>";