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Need a new relationship

Question asked by rickaltman on Jan 20, 2016
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Hello, for our annual conference, our database is people-oriented: Our main table, PATRONS, tracks the people who attend and all of the relationships are established around the events that people attend and the things that people do.We create relationships to various other tables, such as ACTIVITIES, SEMINARS, and DEMOGRAPHICS.


As you would expect, one of the fields in PATRONS is Company, and when we sign on a sponsor, there might be several people attending from that organization. That presents us with a challenge: for these purposes, Company becomes the central organizing unit (instead of Last Name), and we would like to be able to view and manipulate our records that way. I would like to create a relationship (and a layout) whereby the other fields could revolve around Company: where we could add a record in which first we add the Company, define its role in the conference, and then add the people who will be attending.


The attached image shows two of our primary views: on the left shows the PATRONS table and on the right is the ACTIVITIES table. As you can see, Company is just one of the garden-variety fields in PATRONS.


I'm good with scripts and calculations; less so with relationships, as I am unable to see them in my head. I would be grateful for some help in visualizing and creating the relationship(s) necessary to make this happen.



Rick A.

Pleasanton CA


FMPA14 running under Windows 10.