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How to perfom Complex Queries Using The PHP API

Question asked by zacckos on Jan 20, 2016
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Hello Guys

Second Question toiday!!!
I am trying to perform a login query as such it needs to check 2 fields

such as


**** PseudoCode****'

SELECT User Where Uname == 'username' and password == 'Password '


I have tried doing this using a complex query


****Code Snippet******


  $findcommand = $fm->newFindRequest('Contact Details');

  $username = "";

  $qname = '=="'. $username .'"';

  $findcommand->addFindCriterion("user name", $qname);

  $findcommand->addFindCriterion("password", "pasword2");

  $compoundFind = $fm->newCompoundFindCommand('Contact Details');




I have tried to accomplish this with a compound request with data that is in the database but I get an error

Read Error: No records match the request

I am fairly new to Filemaker and the API I would appreciate any correction or pointing in the correct direction