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How prevent page breaks through paragraphs and container fields i preview mode?

Question asked by Palvereng on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on May 14, 2016 by intex


I have seen some questions here about this topic, but none of the answers I have read, did actually solve the problem (at least my problem). I understand the sliding options, that is not the problem. I understand the page break option for parts, that is not the problem either. And I have turned on "Roman language line-breaking".


I often make PDFs of large databases with lots of text, and often the text field that excedes a page brake point, is devided without any "widow and orphan" - control. Single line is placed on top of next page. (I have also seen lines that are vertically divided, but I think that was with earlier versions of FM.)


I also experience a similar problem. Pictures shown in a portal with 6 rows are divided in two by the page breaks when viewed in preview mode. (Sliding-up option is on and in my current database the portal is following the large text field)


I have searched so long for a solution to this problem. Can anyone help?