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Discussion created by ChalesLakes on Jan 20, 2016
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No idea where this will go, or if I am in the right place. First time posting here (if memory serves).


I am trying to provide feedback that I had to call in to get clarification about what I was seeing on the web page for purchasing the server software.


When you click link to go to the page to purchase server software, in the "QUANTITY" column it says NO SERVER. This was immediately confusing. But I saw that there was a tiny arrow, and maybe some indication that this was a menu. However, as clients, we should NOT have to assume anything. Everything should be clear - especially if you want our business. There should be some instructions to "please, select from menu", so it is obvious that this IS a menu and that the visitor should make a selection.


Fortunately, that was NOT the problem I encountered, as I was able to quickly determine that this was, in fact, a menu. My problem started after I clicked the menu. I was presented with a list of options from "1 server" to "1 Server + 100 connections". And, once again, NO EXPLANATION AT ALL ABOUT WHAT THIS MEANS!!


My first thought was that, if we chose the first option, we would purchase the server, but no one would be able to connect to it, which didn't make sense. But then, if so, why would that option be available??


Again, I was forced to CALL to get clarification, when this can be rather easily clarified on the order page! You simply need to explain (in menu) which clients the server will work with, "without connections"; meaning which ones don't require additional purchase of "connections".


If the info provided was correct, we were told that FileMaker Pro and FMP Advanced should be able to connect WITHOUT the need to purchase additional connections. If so, then that first option would say "FMP/FMP Adv" and then the remaining options would have a header that says "ALL OTHER PRODUCTS" or whatever applies.


Not sure how or why you think that menu means anything to new visitors, as is. Maybe you guys WANT people to call in?? Not sure why this would be left so obviously vague.