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Fields loosing values FM14.04 win

Question asked by firebase on Jan 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by firebase

I have a FM14 file where I copied 2 global fields renamed them and used them in all kind of scripts and calculations fields and so on.

Both pairs are linked and programmed the same way totally identically, just other names.

When I close the file and reopen it the first (old) pair keeps the last values but the copied pair lost their values. All 4 are globals and Numbers Fields.

I switched the fields to text fields closed the file and then turned them back to numbers and global but no change.


I had this several times this year ind several files. Most times I deleted the filed and recreted them again but now they are so integrated that I just to want to spend the time also since it hapends more often I want to find the trick to get them back working like normal.


So whats the trick?


Why is this hapeneing?