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    Exporting Sub-summary Sorted Totals, Totals entire total in Found Set


      First of all let me apologize in advance for any improper use of lingo for what I'm about to ask below, as I am an amateur with FMP trying to debug an existing database.


      I have a database that has a number of records with fields and calculations and summaries.  For the purpose of this discussion, let's say I have a records list of video sequences, each with their own acronyms.  ie.  Sequence "ABC," "DEF," etc... Within those records I have a calculation totaling specific fields.  From there I have a sorting button which sorts/groups each sequence of an extended found set, then adds a Sub-summary with a total from the records from that specific sequence.


      Here's a crude representation, sorry I can't screengrab due to privacy issues:





           Record 1. $100

           Record 2. $200

           Record 3. $300

                                    Total: $600          (Sub-summary)



           Record 1. $400

           Record 2. $500

           Record 3. $600

                                    Total: $1500          (Sub-summary)



      This information is displayed after doing a Find for "ABC," then another find with Extend Found Set for "DEF."

      The data totals sorts and totals correctly in this view.  Great.


      The problem I'm having comes on the export to Excel.  Instead of exporting the column total as displayed above with the separated sequences, it's combining the two sequence totals.  ie.  $2100.  I want it to export ABC's total column as $600 and then list DEF as $1500 on it's rows. 


      Again, apologies if that is too vague and if anyone is unable to decipher what I'm trying to accomplish.

      Thanks for your help.