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Upgrade from Server 14.0v1 to 14.0.4 - Find not Working

Question asked by howarc2 on Jan 21, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by howarc2

We updated our server (Windows Server 2008) from Server 14.0v1 to 14.0.4 this week and began immediately experiencing an intermittent, but significant error with our logon script.


We use Active Directory authentication for all of our end users.


The logon script performs the following basic routine:


1. Capture $$UserName from Get (AccountName).


2. The $$UserName is processed a bit to strip invalid characters and correct formatting.


3. A layout for staff member records is called. (Table is used for permissions among other things)


4. Find mode is entered.


5. A set field sets StaffMember_Name_Short (a fully indexed text field) on the staff member table to $$UserName.


6. Perform find.


7. An if then routine detects an error 401 (no records) to determine if new user setup is required.


This login script has been used since 2012 without issue. Suddenly since the upgrade, the find fails pretty consistently. It fails infrequently when watching it through the script debugger, but often when run automatically.


I initially assumed this was an issue on either the way credentials were being handled or an error in the script, but have worked through both of those issues.


I can confirm that, for example, if the user 'CHoward' is stored in the variable, 'CHoward' is placed in the field during find mode. When the perform find is executed, the 'CHoward' record that exists in the staff member table is not found but returns a 401 which then triggers new user setup.


This all seems to center around the 14.0.4 upgrade which is odd, but is the only variable that has changed.


Has anyone else seen a similar issue?