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    A difficult how to...


      Hi all,


      First, I just want to say thank you!  This community is great and I always appreciate the help...Working two jobs makes life fun, so the help I receive from the folks in this community really makes life more manageable.


      Anyway, the issue.  I have Filemaker Pro Advanced & I'm trying to build something easy to use. I would like to have one field, with multiple values from my table in the field.  I'd like to select one of those values, which would then populate the other fields on my page with the information of that field.




      My database has one table with a multitude of columns.  This table contains all equipment I am tracking.  In this equipment, I have network switches, UPS devices, Security equipment, etc. 


      I have a layout from this table.  I want to have a field that will list out all of my switch equipment, then other fields such as IP address, Host Name, Location information, etc.


      I would like to be able to click on a switch, which would then populate with the other fields on my layout.  If I click on another switch, then the information would instantly switch to that record.


      Is this possible without a lot of programming, scripting, etc?  I have looked online and in this community and only hear about portals & drop down lists (which I don't think are the answer to this).  Thank you for your time and help with this!!!



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          So you have a layout showing one equipment record. All you need is a portal on this layout, showing records from a self relationship, with rows that when clicked will go to related record using the very same layout. A popup with equipment type on top of the portal will constrain the portal to just that type of equipment.


          I enclose an example - a people database. You can filter by height, or remove the filter by pressing the red X. Clicking on a name in the portal will bring the details of that person, on the same layout. The analogy should be clear enough.

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            I wish I could give you 10 stars for that!  Your table has revolutionized how I think about building databases, thank you.  Plus, it's exactly what I needed & has some extras I didn't know I needed, but will be extremely helpful!  Thank you!