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Standby server connection

Question asked by ___rdj on Jan 21, 2016

Short story;

Standby configuration was working, has been working for awhile. As of 1/13/2016 the primary server cannot communicate with standby.


No changes to network/firewall/configuration. Only event that I can think of is an emergency reboot of

On 1/13/2016 we had to do an emergency reboot of the primary server.

When the server came back online and the databases were opened I started getting error messages from FileMaker server about databases not being able to update to the standby server  Error 1631.


I've tried to use the fmsadmin standby commands to force an update and I get an error "Error 1631: (remote connection failed)"


The primary server can "see" the standby but it seems that FileMaker server cannot.


Anyway to get this fixed without blowing away the standby setup?