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    Is it possible to have one layout with the same records sorted differently in 2 columns?


      Say I have a data base with 10 people's names in it.

      I want to show - on the same layout - all 10 names in 2 columns.

      One column would show their first names listed alphabetically, the 2nd column would show their last names listed alphabetically.

      Is there a way to do this with FMP 12?


      Adam Jones                         Abott Dick

      Bill Smith                             Allen George

      Charles Handler                    Cline Jack

      Dick Abott                            Cochrane Ian

      Ellen Johnson                       Connors Harold

      Fred Fuller                            Fuller Fred

      George Allen                         Handler Charles

      Harold Connors                     Johnson Ellen

      Ian Cochrane                        Jones Adam

      Jack Cline                            Smith Bill