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Can you link together Field name + field from one table to two fields in another table

Question asked by Strangeyboy on Jan 22, 2016

I am working with a Woocommerce installation and trying to create a product form interface. Woocommerce stores product attributes as meta_key's and values. I was wondering if there was a way of linking the table to a different table which would be more manageable and easier to use.


Below I have tried to illustrate the two different tables and was wondering if there was a way of linking them together allowing them both to update when information is entered. I have a feeling I might need to use global fields and calculations. However, not completely sure if it is possible. Any advice will be greatly appreciated


Woocommerce Table


11Field 1Value
21Field 2Value
31Field 3Value
42Field 1Value
52Field 2Value
62Field 3Value


New Table, which should populate existing Woocommerce Table


IDpost_idField 1Field 2Field 3