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    Uploading Multiple Photos At Once


      Hi All,


      I'm wondering if it's possible to upload multiple photos at one time without having to insert them separately.


      For example, I have a tab called "photos" which contains a portal that links to the "photos" table. Each row consists of a container field for storing a photo, and a "view / save" button to open the photo or export it to disk.


      I have an "Add Photo" button which works fine for uploading 1 photo at a time, but sometimes there are 50+ photos that need to be uploaded and this is very time consuming.


      Is it possible to write a script or something that will loop through the selected photos and upload them automatically one by one?


      Thank you,


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          "Import Records" script step is able to import multiple photos at once.

          You just chose the folder-path which contains photos you want upload.


          Or "Perform AppleScript" is useful to get multiple file-path If you are Mac user.

          set text item delimiters of AppleScript to "\n"

          tell application "Finder"

            set the clipboard to (choose file with multiple selections allowed) as text

          end tell



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            Is this in Filemaker Pro, Filemaker Go, or Webdirect?  You can script it to happen in Filemaker Pro, in webdirect I don't believe that it is possible and if you want that functionality a CWP page would be better.

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              If you use a plugin which let you read the names of the files in a folder like the BaseElements, or Troi File plugin.

              you can then create a list of records with those filenames and make a field so you can select that record if you want

              to add that pfoto.


              Then create a looping script that goes through those records and import the photos for the selected records.


              Hope that helps,



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                It's in Pro / Go. Our guys in the field need to be able to snap several photos of jobs very quickly and then bulk upload.

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                  We use 360Works' ScriptMaster to show a file selection dialog where the user can shift-click and control-click to select multiple files. We get back a list of full paths with file names, and loop through those creating attachment records.


                  I think this is even included in their free demo file (the plugin is free, too). If I'm wrong and it's not, and anyone wants it, I have the groovy code to use.


                  I'm usually hesitant to include a plugin unless absolutely necessary. In this case, though, A) did I mention free? and B) if the plugin's not available (or can't be installed automatically for whatever reason) we just show the usual file selection dialog.


                  Chris Cain


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                    I'm afraid that sort of ability does not exist in GO, and in Filemaker all you can do is bulk upload a folder.

                    What you can do is

                    1 - Create a custom web page which will fire off the upload to an AJAX page in the background and the photos will then upload in the background

                    2 - Use another app to automatically backup the files to another service like dropbox.  Use and admin person to upload the photos into Filemaker into the right spot, or use IFTTT to copy those files to an FTP location with the right file name, and then script Filemaker to suck-up those files to the location in Filemaker.