Some Items of table are copied but others not - Script

Discussion created by dj3221 on Jan 23, 2016
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I am new to FM and still trying to understand some of the nuances of the system.


Overview of Problem

I have two tables, when I try to copy data from one tale to another (import method), some of the data does copy and others don't


Problem Detail

I have a table that is used for importing data (CSV). This table then add additional information from other tables, based on user input. I have done it this way, because I thought it would be easy and safer to manipulate loaded data without changing any existing information. (Open to suggestions)


Once the data has been manipulated, I copy all data from temp table to the 'Main' table. This is where I hold all my information.


I have written some script to do this, but it only copies across some of the data and not all. The data that it does not copy across is some, not all of the data input by the user.


Has anyone come across this issue before, or have any ideas.


I have attached my test FM file for reference.


Any help is greatly apprecaited