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limited edit in a field based on a condition

Question asked by jdevans on Jan 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2016 by DanielShanahan

I would like to use Manage>Security>Privilege Sets to handle this but so far it isn't working...


I have a layout, which I can control data edits via the Security/Privilege sets up to a point. But when I have a Portal on that same layout, the rules I setup for Record level edits (limited) aren't being applied to the portal.


How can I do that?


I just want the same condition to test for the Portal.


It goes like this...I have a Privilege Set called "Staff". I have a button on the main layout to "Approve" the record. . That button click also sets a field to "Yes" for the record (this Field is auto-entered with "No" on new record create).  To limit edits to "Approved" records, I have Record level Edit set to allow edits to records in that table to when table::field="No". This works, on the Parent table, on which the layout is based. But the catch is, there's also a Portal to a Child table on this layout. Even when the Prvilege set test for edits is working for the fields on the layout that are fields of the Parent table, the Portal still allows edits. I tried to go back in a set the same rule for the Child table, record edit, but it isn't working.


Can this be done, via the Manage>Security>Privilege Sets?