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      Hi There!


      If all fields in a layout are not are not enabled in browse mode, can a button script enable them? (like an edit button) And then disable them?



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          Unfortunately, we don't have script control over the field behavior (browse or find) of a particular field.


          You can hide fields based on a calculation, though, so perhaps (depending on how widespread the need is) you could set a flag that would hide one of two fields, one of which is enterable in browse and one in find?


          It also might be useful to consider that even if a field doesn't allow entry in browse, a script can go to it. So a button could decide whether entry is appropriate, and either go to the non-browse field or not.


          In short, there are options, but not as direct as you (we) would like.


          Chris Cain


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            Easiest short term way to accomplish this is to clone your layout and make one of them editable and one not editable and navigate between the two layouts with a button.

            Is this any kind of secure edit protection? only if a user has no other way to get to a layout with edit ability.

            The other issue with this approach is now you have to maintain two layouts instead of one.

            The best way to accomplish this goal is to leverage the security model to restrict editing of record via the privlege set controls.

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              That will work!


              Thank you!!