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how to sort repeated records in a table and used in a dropdown menu in different table

Question asked by valteri on Jan 22, 2016

Hi Guys,


I am sorry, I am a very new user of FM (a few months) and using the trial module of FM I found a problem that I do not know how to solve it.

I have a table like that:

- each record has his vendor and a purchase date (and a creation and modification date too), so it record is unique if we consider the entire line of that record (thinking about table view);

- some record has same name and vendor but different purchase date OR same name but different vendor and same or different purchase date;

- I want to reduce this record list to show only unique record list based on name and vendor and related to the last purchase date only;

- I created a field that do a calculation mixing record-name+vendor+puchase-date and I am using this result on a dropdown menu in a different table but I want to reduce this menu to unique names with only the last one (according to purchase date).


I am not on my machine right now but I can send some pictures later.



thank you very much guys.