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    Loosing data on iPad




      I have few reports from users concerning lost data on iPads.  Users are loosing just entered data in database (file physically on iPad)  if  a) FileMaker Go crashes or b) user will quit the app in iOS. I use commit so I am little confused why this is happening. Is there any way to force FileMaker Go to save the file?


      iPads  Air 2

      FileMaker Go 14 latest version


      Thank you


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          Commit does force the data to be saved.


          Filemaker Go should not be crashing.   I have not heard of any issue with crash in fmgo 14.  You may need to run recover on your file to make sure the file is ok.


          If the user taps on the layout outside a field it should commit the record.



          You might try adding a install on timer script to commit the record after set amount time has passed.   You would use the installOnTimer script with a script trigger  when a user add a new record then add turn off the installOnTimer script when the user save the record.   The timer script would be just a commit record script step.

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            How are your users closing the file and does this involve files on Filemaker server?