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Cohort Analysis to Calculate Churn Rate

Question asked by sccardais on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by sccardais

I would like to create a tabular report showing customer "churn" rate as shown in the attached screenshot. (Churn = rate at which customers cancel their subscription.)


EXAMPLE: Assuming 100 new customers are added in Jan 2015, I want to show how many are still customers as of the end of Feb 2015, March 2015, etc.


I have the raw data in an FMP table (ORGS). Each record identifies a unique customer, the month they purchased and the month they canceled - if they canceled. Each customer is also assigned a "cohort_ID" based on the Month/Year they became a customer.


But, I don't know what other tables and fields are necessary to create this type of report. If anyone has done this type of analysis using FMP, I'd love to know how. What additional tables are needed? Special fields? etc.


One very basic question - since I want to show the number of non-canceled customers as of the end of each cohort period (mm/yyyy), should the report be created from the context of a special "Cohorts" table or from the Orgs table?


Thanks for any and all help. I'm using FMPA v 14.