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Can data be imported into File Maker 11 from a SQL data base, and how ?

Question asked by on Jan 22, 2016
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I am completely new to File maker system and I need to make an import on daily basis from SQL server into File Maker Pro 11 data base.

I usually do my data migration using SSIS (Microsoft) . The business people export some data from SQL into an EXCEL sheet then they clean it up manually a little bit, before they do a manual import into File Maker. The problem is that they have to do this every single day and is a very tedious and annoying task. I was asked to automate this and make it run on its own every day. In SSIS you could build a package and schedule it to run it whenever you want.



1. Is it possible to do this import into File maker by using SSIS and how do I connect to File Maker (I know File maker has ODBC dirver but supports such import) ?


2. If number 1 above is not feasible, does anyone know another way ? For example some script that can be built within File Maker, that would be able to map to the SQL fileds and do some look-ups at the same time, and have this script run on a schedule?


Thank you!