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Question asked by Mariano Bosco on Jan 23, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by Mariano Bosco

  Hi to everybody!


We are developing an API for a mobile app comunication in JSON based in FM server 13 & FM API PHP.

We have a server web wich accepts the queries  from the mobile app and then the php running in the server web makes the queries to FM server and replies in JSON format to the app.


The JSON replies are short messages ex.







"visite_fatte": "1"


"visite_da_fare": "2"








"visite_fatte": "4"


"visite_da_fare": "3"








"visite_fatte": "6"


"visite_da_fare": "5"






We also have 200 - 250 clients (app installations) that will use this API.


The question is: Will FM Server have any problem with 200 - 250 clients that will query FM in the very bad situation "all together in the same time"?


Web server: 4core - 8GB Ram

FM Server: 8core - 32GB RaM


Thanks to all!