Extra carrige return on XSLT export

Discussion created by ChrisJohnston on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by TSGal

Product and version FileMaker Pro 14.0.4

OS and version: Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit

Browser and version: NA

Hardware: Windows PC

Description: Hi there seems to be a problem with FileMaker when it use an XSLT stylesheet to export results.I this discussion I refer to the great job Bev Voth did with showing some methods for exporting text. She was nice enough to respond to my original post about how I was getting the problem of the extra line skipped. Late user: added some helpful information via there testing. This currently for me was happening on version 14 advanced, but I had experienced it on 12 advanced (the version I learned FileMaker on) and 13 advanced as well. I think this is a important capability of FileMaker and hope some attention can be drawn to this so FileMaker engineers can fix it. Thanks

Workaround: I find it still useful to do, it would be a whole lot better if it was fixed.