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Containers Stored Externally

Question asked by mrosenhek on Jan 24, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by mrosenhek

I have solutions that use containers for documents ie PDF, JPG, XL etc. The data is stored externally on the server. However, when doing so, I cannot find a way to make them interactive ie open when the user double clicks the container field to have the file open. When stored on the server all I can do is EXPORT FIELD CONTENTS. That's OK but it means that users cannot actually share the same file. If an edit is made to an XL doc, then the original must be deleted from the record and a new record created which is a pain in the botox.

Anybody know  work around so that users can share and EDIT the original document?

PS While I'm at it (I have not tried this I admit) how do vids behave when stored externally; surely they must be interactive?!