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Name My File, please

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Jan 25, 2016
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Words cause wars and fanaticism over a word can cause people to kill other people. Its in the news.


The word Firewall has ignited passions with some folks claiming it means exactly one thing. However, firewall was used long before computers and you can watch any auto restoration show on TV and hear them mention that old antique car's firewall. Fire fighters used the term. It has been used in the construction industry to determine if one wall type is capable of withstanding the fire burning on the other side. Etc.


So, I would ask for recommendations for a name for my file/website/business where the file or its inserted parts can do the following:


1) All of FileMaker's security features are enabled and whatever the OS offers as well as your router/wifi/etc.

2) Anyone entering the file will be permitted using an a FileMaker account name and password.

3) Privilege sets will be defined and deployed using the various options for allowing, not allowing, etc.

4) The current login with be validated using at least 20 gets and as many as 30 or 40 items if I choose to use one or more plugins.

5) If a login fails one of these comparisons after being admitted, the file will be closed.

6) Records will be maintained allow the admin or owner or whomever to browse the various logins and even mark one as blacklisted.

7. If an employee is fired, goes on vacation or leave, etc. that can be immediately posted and future logins will be closed or even prevented via accounts.

8. URLs will be stored in a bookmarks file so the user can download FileMaker pdfs, visit websites of developers specializing in setting up secure servers, etc. (Maybe I can charge an ad fee?)

9) Provide a report of everyone currently inside the file, everyone who was inside the file previously, where they are loggin in, etc. Companies that leave their servers on 24/7 (shared hosted file) and whose employees leave their computers on overnight might find this interesting.


An earlier version of my tables and scripts caught a not so experienced person who had previously administered a file but was released from that service logging into the file using the owners account name and password, as one example. I had deleted his account but was unaware that he had maintained personal control over the passwords. Too much to do, right...


I like the name fmpFirewall but others in the community don't. I probably like it because I thought it up, typical, right?


So, that's why might file does. It tracks the legitimate login and tests it for many criteria and can close the file if one fails. I am also adding that 2 Factor authentication idea so the person can be sent an email for PIN verification when they take their iPad to Starbucks... 




Well, I have been hired for brief periods by companies whose FileMaker file was extremely vulnerable. Some where losing money. Some where not making as much as they thought they should have. In some cases there was a big gaping hole between the credit card machine and their Quicken books and FileMaker. One doctor had been sending an email to a former developer everytime he wrote a prescription and this wasn't brought to light until he bought a 27" iMac and it wouldn't send the SMTP email and the developer hadn't included to capture the error and the script broke. One company had a problem with Account Names in that the former developer had created a shared account with full access and given that to one of the employees who then shared it with everyone since this was easier than properly setting up privileges.


Enough said.


TattleTail might be a good name. Footprints, WhoseThere, Whozit, and so forth.