SQL with multiple conditions

Discussion created by Powerbook on Jan 25, 2016
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I'm quite custom with SQL scripts, but I'm having some problems with filemaker syntax.


up to now I was able to perform a sum with just one condition, in the following case I'm summarizing all values of "Entrate" from the Table "Movimenti" that have a correspondence value of "R1A" in the field "Causale 3"




ExecuteSQL  ("SELECT SUM (\"Entrate\" ) FROM \"Movimenti\" WHERE (\"Causale 3\") = ?" ; "" ; "" ; "R1A");".";",")


(the Substitute is for compatibility with European decimal between Windows and Mac OS systems)


what I would need now is to add more conditions to the extraction.

Like a range of date that I have already stored in 2 Variables "$DataInizio" and "$DataFine" and also when the field "ID Tecnico" has a correspondence to the variable "$Tecnico"



in few word I would need to extract from the table "Movimenti" and summarize the field "Entrate" in a range of date when the "ID Tecnico" is equal to $Tecnico.........


How would be the correct syntax to use in a script for filemaker ?


Thank you