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    Profile - Display Name vs Username

    Steve Wright

      EDIT: PLEASE IGNORE, it was a privacy setting in my profile.. Well it now shows my name when not logged in at least.


      In recent posts I notice that FMI Staff, such as TSGal reply to me using my 'Username' whereas on any posts I make, it shows my 'Name' not my 'Username'.


      A post with me signed in:




      The same post, with me signed out, and also I guess what others see:



      So I guess my question is, why the inconsistency and is it something I need to do to rectify so it shows my name to others?


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          Here's how Jive handles displaying usernames vs actual names -- based on the Edit Profile > Privacy setting for "Name":


          Yourself = only you will see your name, and only when logged in

          Connections = only your connections will see your name, and only when logged in

          Everyone = everyone will see your name, but only when logged in

          Everyone (including guests) = everyone will see your name whether logged in or not

          Additionally, full system administrators always see your name rather than your username. We make a special effort to address everyone by their username in order to respect privacy (which means looking in the URL each time) -- but I've slipped at least once myself. I've asked Jive to consider changing how they handle this, but so far they don't haven't agreed with me on it.

          Hope this helps --



          Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.59.52 AM.png

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            Steve Wright

            HI Mark,


            I figured out it was my privacy settings in the end and set my name to be visible to all. 

            I guess I read one too many post in the technet days, where it was preferred to be able to address people by name rather than User928374.. 

            Even so, thanks for the helpful explanation. 

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              Yes, that was the more gracious thing to do back then. But the world has changed and some people feel strongly about their privacy -- often with good reason.


              Cheers --



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                Steve Wright

                I have just realised something...


                I actually have two accounts, just to confuse matters.

                This one has the username which I was expecting....Perhaps relating to the old FMForums / Merge etc, but I think everything else may be linked to the other...


                Edit:  Yes, this one has all of my points etc. but does not have my 'memberships' attached.

                The profile I used to create the thread with has my memberships.

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                  Steve Wright

                  Is there a way to merge two accounts or perhaps Move everything from this account to my other?

                  The one I used to post above: Username "SteveWright" would be my preferred account.

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                    Same question!


                    Very interestingly, I too have just discovered that I too have two accounts!


                    I use mrwatson-gbs, and have just come across MrWatson.


                    I ask myself ... did I create that account, or was it automatically created, maybe when the community and the FMI sites merged?

                    ...on the other hand there are discussions that I have written, so I guess it is just an old account I have not used for a long long time.


                    In any case the MrWatson account is now counter-productive!


                    • One or two people have mentioned it or followed it.
                    • It gets suggested when you type @MrWatson


                    ... so it would be better if it were removed.


                    Is it possible to merge + reallocate the posts, references and points to my standard account, mrwatson-gbs?



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                      Unfortunately, it's not possible to merge accounts. All we can do is delete or deactivate one of them. This is an often-requested feature from Jive (as you can imagine). I think one of the issues is their idiosyncratic content-privileges model. Their API doesn't let you do it either -- up to now, it hasn't been possible to reassign authorship using the API, though I've heard rumors that this might change.

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                        Steve Wright

                        Hi Mark,


                        Thanks for the follow up. 


                        In that case, I guess I will retain both..

                        Whilst the other account has the subscriptions active, this one makes it easier to find previous content / discussions I was involved in.. I wondered where it all went


                        Perhaps when it's time to renew I can drop the other account, but I renewed recently.. so not anytime soon.

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                          I believe that we can point your subscriptions at the more content-rich account if you'd like. That should involve changing data in our internal systems rather than merging accounts in Jive. Let me know if you'd like me to look into that.


                          Cheers --



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                            Steve Wright

                            If you could do that, that would be great and would save me making similar mistakes in the future..


                            I do have a question before doing so too, but would need to ask that one in private.

                            Let me know what info you need from me and I will PM / Email it over to you, whichever you prefer.