Button with single step not possible - permissions bug!

Discussion created by mrwatson-gbs on Jan 26, 2016
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Product and version FileMaker Pro 14.0.4 - but probably all since fm14 + new Script Workspace

OS and version Mac OS X El Capitan - but probably irrelevant

Hardware - MBP - but probably irrelevant



Please wait…the generality of this bug is first being confirmed (see comment 2 below)...


The screenshot comes from our copy of Cross Check where we have permission to modify layouts and edit some special scripts - where the problem is present, … but I have been unable to replicate the situation with test files


Until the cause is confirmed, please take the rest with a pinch of salt...


If a user has layouting permissions, but does not have scripting permissions in a file, (s)he cannot create a button with a single script step:




I believe this error occurs, because the single-step GUI has been changed in fm14 to use the same script-writing window as the script workspace (very nice feature :-)…), but this window incorrectly always uses the scripting permissions, where it should ignore those permissions when it is in "Single Step Button” mode, as fm13 did.


This is an extremely important bug to remove!


Every database that allows users  (or admins) to customize layouts, but not write scripts - which is a relatively common combination (and that includes our database, which we are now delivering only with FileMaker 14!!!) is severely hampered by this bug.


How to replicate


I haven’t tested this, but I’m pretty sure this will do the job:


  1. Create a file where a user has layouting permissions but no script permissions
  2. Log on as such user
  3. Enter layout mode
  4. Create a button
  5. Select Single Step
  6. Try to type


=> You can’t and you see the permissions problem as seen in the picture above




  • If you only have FileMaker 14, or the solution will not let itself be opened in FileMaker 13 - None




  • Use FileMaker 13, if you can, or
  • Copy and paste objects out of a FileMaker 13 solution, correcting the XML with a clipboard tool (like fmWorkMate) if TO-names or field names have changed (which in this case they have) <= but nobody wants to do that!