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    Facial Recognition


      Has anyone worked with a Facial Recognition security and FileMaker?  Just curious and a client was asking.  Thanks.

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          No, but this sounds really cool. Could you post anything you found?



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            That sounds really cool!  I'm not sure if it fits but you can get off the shelf Iris scanning hardware which has an API.

            If it is okay for the person to look at a camera for identification then that would work, if they just want to verify a face in a crowd from a distance then Iris scanning won't work.

            Just FYI, I've never used an iris scanner.  I googled "iris scanner plugin hardware" and found a number of options.

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              +1 to Carl, APIs is the way to go. I am sure google works as well in US as in UK, but I quickly looked up the first search result:


              Face Recognition API, Face Detection & Analysis | Kairos


              They do have JavaScript API and even iOS. No prices though, which probably means it is expensive.


              You make me jealous, Taylor.


              The issue with API could be the integration part and actually making it properly secure (well, may be we can all read Jack Rodgers blog )

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                Nicolai, yes, APIs are the way to go.  Probably the achilles heal to using it for FM security is that if you are running a FM script calling an API, then you are already logged in to FM.  But I was looking at the Sky Biometry API among others.  Actually, this client also has a need that is more likely to be solved by facial recognition is that they put in thousands of pictures and they don't want to have duplicate records and if we get this working, it should be able to compare and make sure the face in the picture is not already in the system.  Anyway, it is one of my next week projects and should be interesting.