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Question asked by mrosenhek on Jan 25, 2016
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I'm trying to preserve the text formatting as defined in a field. For example if a  user copies text from XL and it was formatted to have colour, size style etc, and tried to paste it into an FM field, all that copied formatting would be removed.


I found this online but it does not work. I also tried just entering data  into the field, then formatting it in a crazy wild way. All that formatting was retained despite following the directive below. Am I misinterpreting this?

"Method 1: Prevent text from being formatted during data entry.

A field can be defined to make sure data is entered in a specific format, or within a certain range. To save time and ensure accuracy, you can set FileMaker Pro to automatically enter unformatted data in a text, number, date, time, and container fields. For example, field.

To set options for automatic data entry:

  1. With the database open, choose FILE > MANAGE > DATABASE
  2. In the Manage Database dialog box, click the Fields tab
  3. If your database contains more than one table, select the appropriate table from the Table list
  4. Select your text field from the list of existing fields, or define a new one (for example FieldA)
  5. Click Options (or double-click the field name)
  6. In the Options for Field dialog box, click the Auto-Enter tab and select the Calculated Value (or click Specify), then enter the following calculation:

  7. To make an auto-enter calculation self modifying, leave the "Do not replace existing value for field (if any)" option unchecked.

Since Auto-enter calculations can be self-referencing, this will ensure that any data that has been entered will be stripped of any text formatting. "