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FileMaker Integration with Office 365 & SharePoint

Question asked by FrankDaske on Jan 26, 2016

As a Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint service provider we are often asked by our customers for FileMaker data integration. One helpful approach is to setup a data sync between local FileMaker data queries and SharePoint Online (or on-premises) lists. In this way SharePoint users are working with a current data "cache" in SharePoint with all SharePoint list Features like views, search, metadata, lookups, versioning, change notifications and workflows in SharePoint, when external FileMaker data is changed. You can also take list data offline with mobile devices or Microsoft Outlook.


Using the Layer2 Cloud Connector tool you can establish this FileMaker to SharePoint / Office 365 connection codeless and without to change anything in FileMaker or SharePoint. Anyone has experience with this?