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Couple of questions on GetAsDate(txt) and GetAstime(txt)

Question asked by jcondle on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2016 by beverly

I am confused on how to use these functions.

Both take the argument of txt

What I have is a set of time and date fields imported from csv file.  All of the time and date fields have been imported as type text serial numbers by filemaker by default.  The GetAsTime(txt) function should produce a valid time into new calculation fields on import.

On import I have set up a calculation to convert the type text serial number to a time with the GetAsTime(time field) function set to return time. This just returns txt serial number.  If I change the time field type from txt to time and redo the import I receive the right time.

The GetAsDate(txt) command works as expected and returns the right date from the type txt date field.


I guess my basic question is do I need to change the time fields from text to number? 


I am going to setup fields to calculate the difference between two diff times later on.  I would like to do the math on the unconverted serial numbers and then convert the result to a time  vrs converting serial numbers to time and then do math.


Thanks in Advance