Counting a SubSummary Value

Discussion created by RobertWard on Jan 26, 2016
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I hope someone will be able to assist on this or point me in the right direction.


I have a child table with program records and a Fiscal Year (FY). I need to produce a report which displays the number of people and how many programs they took e.g.

2 people took 1 program

1 person took 2 programs

4 people took 3 programs.


The interesting part is that even if a person took 2 programs, each program may have a different FY, which means they took 1 program in FY 2012 and 1 program in FY 2013 for the same person. The initial found set contains just the one FY. The sub-summary works fine, I can count the number of programs by each person. My problem is that I need to count the people who have 1 program, 2 programs, 3 programs and so on. When my records are sorted (by the Client_ID) and grouped I get the names together (see attachment). In the screen shot you see that the are (2) people who took (2) programs. But how do I get to count those two people? That is where I am stuck at. I am trying to get a count, not sum up the values. I hope that makes some sense?


I have been searching all around the internet and even in this community, but I haven't quite found the same situation.