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I am a newbie. Need help thanks to all.

Question asked by alessio71 on Jan 26, 2016
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Dear community, this is my problem. I am testing FileMaker Pro for my new project. Need to implement contact list fro our suppliers, clients, project workers, etc...


I work in Beijing, so need that each contact in in 2 languages, English and Chinese. So I am using Contacts template from Starter Solution. Now what I do is this: I open the first record, I copy some field like in the image (Title, First, Last), I copied them and putted on the right bottom. Then rename the field in Chinese.

The problem is that cannot populate the copied fields in a different way, both the original and copy are linked, and cannot insert different data. I know depends by how the table is created, and I also know sounds really a stupid question, but I never used FileMaker in depth, so thanks I need help!

Have all a good day!





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