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Image kept in containers not showing for certain machines.

Question asked by Salem on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Vaughan

Hi everyone,


Im quite baffled with my recent quest to solve an issues with images kept in containers field.


I have my guys out in the field using Filemaker Go, snapping pictures into container fields. ( All the photos are kept in a single folder back in HQ where the Filemaker server is being hosted ). Currently using Filemaker Server 2.


I use Filemaker Pro Advanced 12 on my laptop running Win 7, to look through records. Photos all showed up properly on mine.




When I get on the Filemaker Pro Advance 12 on the VM hosting the Filemaker server, the images from the same container field doesn't appear. ( As shown in the image attached below). The VM machine has Win Server 2008 installed.



So initially I thought it was because Win Server are not equipped with multimedia processing codecs. So I tried setting another VM wish Win 7 installed as the OS. Installed, launch Filemaker Pro Advanced, and I get the same issue. I still cant see the image.


So I jump onto another physical workstation, which already have FMP12, and to my amazement, I cant see the image either.


My container settings are as such.


I assume I should be using Temporary storage.

As for my container field settings,


I just use the default Open Storage options.


To me, it seems like the link between the container field and where the files are located have been broken. Anyone out there faced this issue as well ? I hope someone can shed some light.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.