How to add multiple records from pop over list?

Discussion created by fjauregui on Jan 26, 2016
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I am somewhat new to filemaker programming, I did some work a few years back but need a refresher to a problem I am having.


Filemaker Pro 14

Windows 7 Professional



I have an application where I would like to add multiple records (product) from one table via a pop over (up) list to another table such as invoices. The best example that relates is the "Invoice" example found in the "Starter Solution" . On the "Invoice" tab there is a button below the portal that states "Add Line Item" and a pop up list comes up listing all the products. This allows the user to pick on product to add to the invoice. I would like to pick multiple products instead of one at a time. How can I do this? Is there a database that I can use as an example of the scripting or process involved? Maybe this question has been asked already, so any input, detailed instructions, videos or tutorials would be helpful. I am also open to other ways of picking multiple records, but the way the invoice database completes this task is really nice. Thanks in advance for any help that is offered.