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Creating a 'Sets' system

Question asked by FM_DM on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by BillisSaved

I need help creating an incremental set Id  for my inventory system. I am terrible at explaining this so I have attached below a screenshot of my current database to help explain.

In the Set ID section I would like to create an individual set Id to link items which are part of the same set . At the moment this is entered manually. and I have to search back to find the last set Id used.


I would like to create a system by which I press the button shown to create a new Set Id automatically 1 tot he last one used. However I would like to also be able to add Items to the previous set used.  For example if i book on 3 new items I create a new set Id on the first item and then on the next two just click add to set.

I would also like to add items to the on call set and the Malvern set id with a button click.


I had attempted to do this by creating a separate sets table with two fields. kf_ID _Inventory and K_Set_Id. I set the Set Id as an incremental serial number and though scripting have managed to get the buttons to do as I want . However because of the nature of the serial numbers there is a huge jump in set id numbers.

i.e. if i create set 1 and then add 10 items to it and then try to create a new set that set umber is set as 11 not 2 as I would like.

What I am asking is is there something really easy I have missed on . I'm a bit in the weeds with this so any help would be great.!