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Synchronizing data to external data sources?

Question asked by tkessler45 on Jan 26, 2016

I have several servers in different locations that serve the same purpose by hosting identical databases. I would like to keep data synchronized across these servers so that a record updated in Server1 is pushed live to the other servers. Since there is no master/slave functionality in FileMaker, I'm trying to go about this with scripts and triggers.


Is there some best-practice that folks use for doing this type of thing? Hosting the data on one and then simply accessing it as an external data source on the other systems will not work in my situation. I need the data at each location to be kept up to date, and if there is an outage at one site then have it perform a check and push only the records that have been updated.


FileMaker does have an import script step that will allow for proper matching of records, but this is for pulling data into the current database, and not for pushing a change to another. I can try to create a script to loop through record changes and copy them to the databases in other servers, but I would prefer a simpler approach that will require less maintenance in the long-run.