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Diacritical marks gone awry?

Question asked by jemiljan on Jan 27, 2016
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I have entered a consider amount "transliterated" or "Romanized" data for Arabic shelf marks and titles in a database that I have constructed. The strange thing is that after updating to the latest version, I noticed that some of the diacritical marks are no longer rendering correctly.


This is one example:


337 Fiqh Ḥanafī, Juz’ al-Awwal min Fatḥ al-Qadīr

I attached a screen shot to show what is now appearing.


The top line is the data that I entered, while the second line shows a field for a specific collection, with the same term rendered correctly.


I am using a MacBook Pro running 10.10.5 Yosemite. I have not upgraded to El Capitan, as there are issues with other software that is still not compatible with it. Generally, I enter the diacritical marks with the US Extended keyboard. When I copy and paste the line into TextEdit, it renders correctly, but when I copy it back into FM 14, it goes back to the strange marks.


Does any one know what could be causing this issue?