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    DDR report fails


      Product and version FileMaker Pro Advanced, 14.04


      OS and version Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 64 bit


      Browser and version




      Description DDR Fails on creation, get SAXParseException, Error line/col seems to be a PlatformType error/wrong value


      How to replicate Create HTML DDR


      Workaround Unknown



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          Thank you for your post.


          The exact error message is important.  A DDR generally fails with a SAXParseException error when there is a character below ASCII-32 present.  The line and column is where the character is located.  This error can also appear if you have a style name that contains either a "<" or ">", or if you have a JPG file that contains an ampersand ("&").


          Please let me know if any of the above applies.



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            I've gotten some help from others on the Discussion Boards, and they all seem to agree that it is a PlatformType error. The error in the tmp file is a t line 58300, col 667. See attached tmp file. This doesn't appear to be a problem in characters used in a style name.

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              line 58300 columns 666-668:    ±"


              I know this only displays two characters, but "±" is actually made up of two characters:   "<" and ">".  This is the issue.


              The preceding line appears to be in a button object, and this follows with the image a61_print.svg. in the button object.  Looks like the button prints.



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                I found the object, and replaced it from scratch. It was a button bar. It had somehow saved a particular printer in the button setup. I changed it to just a Print[ ] step, show dialog, no setup specified. That seems to make the DDR happy.


                Finally it works.


                Thanks so much for your help.


                Dave Evans