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    need an experts help


      we have a server setup for 2  pc's and we are running FM10 and FM 11... i recently updated the program on the server to fm12 pro adv and i converted one pc to fm pro adv 12 however the program will not open and i noticed that on 10 & 11 the Pro Adv had FP7 as the last three letters while the 12 had FPMUR or something like that.  now i can't open the program from the server and i can't go back to FM pro adv  `11 . Is there anyway of recovering the data in the program .?  Can i change the FPMUR to FP.7 and do it?  or am i up the creek

      norman@sgmscorp.com is my email  305-936-9018 is my phone in Miami  or i can give yo team viewer so you can share the screen and control it.

      this is for a doctors office and he needs the data that is there .. this is a nightmare for him... can  you or anyone help??

      Norman Eisneberg

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          the file format changed between v11 and v12. So v12 can not access anything from earlier versions. You need to open the standalone .fp7 files with a copy of filemaker pro 12, 13 or 14 to convert them into the proper format.


          Additionally, you will need a copy of filemaker server 12 or greater to host .fmp12 files.


          DON'T change the file extensions manually, that will not do anything except break and possibly corrupt your databases.


          DO close the files in filemaker 10 server before converting them.


          Although, why can't you reinstall filemaker pro advanced 11? Do you no longer have your keys? Or do you just need an installer?

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            I fear OP has a computer he calls server but is running FM Pro Adv on it, opening the files to be shared, no FM Server.


            Hope to be refuted.

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              Nah, probably right. If that's the case, opening up the .fp7 files with filemaker pro 12 should convert them and save them as .fmp12 files, accessible by filemaker 12.


              10/11 is not cross compatible with 12 at all though, all computers MUST be on the same compatibility group. In this case FM7 - 11, or FM12 - 14

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                add to that the symptom  "i converted one pc to fm pro adv 12 however the program will not open"


                which could mean "I installed FMPA 12 on a client (*) and it won't open




                (*) hidden info: "using the same serial number I used on the server".

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                  I guess backups are made by taking a pic of the "server" with an iPhone 4 every month ?

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                    Guys  i have fm 12 installed and fm 12 server too and no it wont open. and it is fmpur12 not fmp 12 i presume the ur is for the former usr in 11 ,10 etc...

                    if i send you the file do you the file do you guys want to play wtih it?  Norman

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                      fmpur12 is not a valid file extension, what are you doing to your files? Why are you changing the extensions manually?


                      Take your old .fp7 files as standalone copies,

                      use File > Open in filemaker pro 12

                      Select your .fp7 files and open them

                      FileMaker 12 will run a conversion utility to convert your fp7 files to fmp12

                      Host the .fmp12 files on your filemaker 12 server

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                        Do not worry about changing the file extension. The file extension is used by the OS to determine which application(s) can open a file. Changing a files extension will never corrupt the file.


                        If I understand your description you are talking about a FMP file extension being changed after installing FMA 14.

                        It appears to be a run-time solution with the ".UR" (or ".FPMUR") extension, which can be changed to ".fp7" and FMP11 can open the file. Changing the file extension may prevent the run-time engine from opening the file.

                        When you say you can't open your application I interpret that to mean the FILE won't open.


                        Can you open FMA 14 without opening any FILEs?


                        If you can then the application is working. And the real problem is you cannot open the FILE. This is because the extension was changed and neither the OS or FMP11 or FMA14 recognize it as a valid FMP file.


                        Since the original file format was ".fp7" I suggest you try this.

                        1. Duplicate the FILE. As a precaution don't work on the original.

                        2. Change the extension to ".fp7"

                        3. From within FMP 14 use the File - Open menu command.

                        4. Locate the duplicate file with the new extension.

                        5. Open it.

                        6. Do not change the extension when saving the new file. Using the original name is fine since the extension will be different.


                        This should convert the file to ".fmp12" format and allow you to open it normally.