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Discussion created by norman926 on Jan 27, 2016
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we have a server setup for 2  pc's and we are running FM10 and FM 11... i recently updated the program on the server to fm12 pro adv and i converted one pc to fm pro adv 12 however the program will not open and i noticed that on 10 & 11 the Pro Adv had FP7 as the last three letters while the 12 had FPMUR or something like that.  now i can't open the program from the server and i can't go back to FM pro adv  `11 . Is there anyway of recovering the data in the program .?  Can i change the FPMUR to FP.7 and do it?  or am i up the creek is my email  305-936-9018 is my phone in Miami  or i can give yo team viewer so you can share the screen and control it.

this is for a doctors office and he needs the data that is there .. this is a nightmare for him... can  you or anyone help??

Norman Eisneberg