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    FMP12 : Photo plugin requirement


      Hi there,


      Just wanted to put this out there for some feedback.


      Does Filemaker Pro Advance 12 require any special photo plugin or software to be able to display images in containers (external storage) ?


      Reason why I am asking is because, I have tried viewing images (png format) on 5 separate machines and the result got me baffled. I tried printing out PDF reports which have some of these images, some displayed perfectly, some show blank images.


      1. Machine 1 ( Win 7 )  - Images displayed
      2. Machine 2 ( Win 8 ) - Images doesn't display
      3. Machine 3 ( Win 7 ) - Images displayed
      4. Machine 4 ( Win Server 2008 R2 ) - Images doesn't display
      5. Machine 5 ( Win 8 ) - Images displayed


      I assume from this that, nothing is wrong with the container linkage, field settings, or template. There must be a specific plugin right ?

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          There must be a specific plugin right ?


          You do not need a plugin. Try to create a new database with a container field, insert an image as Image and make sure you do not store it by reference and do not use managed storage . Try to open this file on every machine . If you can see the image, most probably you store files by references and network mapping is different on all computes.

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            Hi Nicolai,


            Thanks for shedding some light.


            I found the solution to my whole ordeal.

            I realize that the machines which are not displaying properly are all FMP advance 12 v.0.1, while the ones working were FMP advance 12 v.0.4. I have updated all to the latest. That fixed the issue