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    Import / Export matching when fields got deleted


      Hi there,


      I often run into the same issue:


      I've several import / export scripts steps. When I delete one or more fields of a corresponding table, the matching is wrong, because the fields below the deleted one (regarding the order) are moved to the top direction stepwise. Sounds logically on the one hand, but on the other hand it destroy the matching and therefore leads to many errors in my application.


      Hm. Any hint or workaround?


      Thanks very much,


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          Unfortunately there is nothing you can really do about this.  One of the effects of deleting fields as you've discovered is to mess up scripted imports.  Instead of deleting fields from your database schema you could just stop using them - take them off layouts etc, but not actually delete them.  If they are calcs that are slowing down performance just change them to text fields.  By not deleting them you don't mess up your scripted imports.  The other option is to reset all scripted imports after doing field deletions.  You should also consider what happens to scripted imports when you have added new fields also.