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    Add a suffix to a unique ID number - sub sections within one record


      Hi there, I have a problem I am hoping someone can help with.


      I have a table in a database that records experiments.  Each experiment is given a unique identifier each time the record is created.  The unique id is the letter "b" followed by some number, so for example "b1083".


      Within that trial there may be separate samples.  Is there a way to add a repeating field, which automatically adds a suffix to the unique identifier in that specific record?


      For example:

      I am looking at experiment "b1083".  I then have sub-records within that record, describing the samples involved in that experiment.  For example, there are two samples, each with different names.  Is there a way to automatically label one "b1083-1" and the other "b1083-2"?


      Eventually, I want each sample to have a barcode indicating "b1083-1", etc, because right now, I just have a barcode that says "b1083, and then we hand-write "1" after it.


      Thank you!