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FM 14 Adv Go To Portal Row on New Record

Question asked by synergy46 on Jan 27, 2016
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I have a Members table.  It is self joined with a portal (on the left; blue and gray) name MembersPortal.

The nav systems use gtrr to show the selected record on the right.  It works great.




The problem is:  If I add a new record (let's say it has a last name of Wilson, when I exit the last name field, Wilson's record is put at the bottom of the MembersPortal portal list and is not visible. (that is probably because the portal sorts on that field)    I have tried:  get(activeportalrow) (which strangely shows 0) along with  go to portal row.  I have tried $$MemPKid=Member::PK_id with a find (which works) but I CAN NOT GET THE @*&^#^$# MembersPortal to scroll down and show Wilsons record.    I know I can use some Brian Dunning functions to show the top and bottom visible portal rows but isn't there a FileMaker way to do this?  It seems like I have tried everything.   thanks