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prevent importing duplicate records?

Question asked by jrockstrom on Jan 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by jrockstrom

I have multiple users who want to load training records for our sports group. The fields are 'M/ship ID', 'Month', 'Training Days', 'Type of training', 'Location of training'. My concern is when they import the records, they could accidentally do it twice and double the number of training days. I would like to run a check and if the data in all 5 fields is exactly the same then the import for that record is ignored. If it is not exactly the same across the 5 fields the record is added to the db.


I'm a moderate developer, at best, working with FMP14 Advanced on Mac.


If anyone can help I'd be very grateful!


John R

PS The coaches are all honorary and I can't impose stringent rules on them, which is why I have to build in the security at my end.